Grażyna Szapołowska, Anna Sheppard, Agnieszka Odorowicz, Allan Starski, Andrzej Haliński, Wojciech Szczurek, the Mayor of Gdynia, Krzysztof Piątkowski, the Deputy Mayor of Lodz, Leszek Kopeć, the Director of the Gdynia Film Festival, Michał Oleszczyk, the Artistic Director of the Gdynia Film Festival, as well as many other prominent guests rewarded

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We are proud to announce, that on this years Film Festival in Gdynia, we are able to present four of our exhibitions, which is an unprecedented event in history of Film Museum in Lodz. The biggest one, and the most most comprehensive, is dedicated to Roman Polanski. Film Museum has

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24. Festiwal Mediów 19 - 22.11.2014_3 5.0
"Man in Danger" Festival

Media Festival Media Festival “Man in Danger” in Lodz is one of the oldest festival of documentaries in Poland. The festival was established in 1990 following the system transformation in Poland. The nature of the event underwent some changes. Initially, a great need for free expression possible after the lifting

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Temporary Exhibitions

  A true gem in our collection is more than a hundred- year-old photoplasticon manufactured in the workshop of August Fruhmann, a photoplasticon inventor. Our photoplasticon is one of a few objects of this type preserved in the world. 25 persons can seat at this instrument at the same time and

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Permanent Exhibitions

“Mystery of the film set”. “Miracle of the picture revived”. Those two are best when seen together. On those exhibitions we show technical secrets of film making from the cinema early years to modern times. Exhibitions include devices typical of film sets, giving the visitors an idea of what work

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It was supposed to be a regular evening out in the cinema – meeting with friends, the screening… But this time something went wrong. Maybe somebody is deliberately trying to spoil the party? But not everything is lost! Follow the hints and perform the tasks that have been prepared for

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Mały 7.04.2013_2 5.0
Little Cinematograph

FOR CHILDREN Little Cinematograph provides activities for children, over 3, who watch and observe, sightsee and investigate, paint and make cut-outs, construct and tell stories. They learn about the Polish animated films while watching the adventures of the Moomins, Teddy Floppy-Ear, Bolek and Lolek, Reksio or Matołek the Billy-Goat. They

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